Felt boots with long shafts


Warm felt boots fit for winter. Soft shafts feel comfortable in use. 100 % wool is warm and natural material.

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Felt boots designed by Aki Choklat. Handmade in Finland. Rubber sole has good winter properties. Because the fit in these boots is narrower than in classic felt boots these boots won’t wobble around when walking. Felt is processed in a way that makes legs thinner than the upper, making the shaft feel softer.

Colours: red, black and grey

Sizes: 36 – 41 (chart)

To be used as: outdoor shoes on cold dry weather. At its best on ice and snow.

Materials: 100 % wool felt and rubber sole. Felt is produced at our factory in Jämsä beginning from wool blend. Rubber sole is produced in Portugal. Insole is made in Finland from PET (mainly recycled bottles) and polyamide.

Care: after use dry in a lukewarm place. Surface can be brushed, usually wool is self-cleaning so most stains come of after a while. This is caused by wool fibres swelling unevenly in the changes of moisture in the surrounding atmosphere. Any longer storage should take place in the dark, sunlight causes materials to fade and become brittle. Please note that there is no permanent moth protection on the product when storing. Do not let the products crush flat in storage. Filling the boot with newspaper keeps it in right shape and the odour of the ink acts as a moth repellent.

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