Kontti XL


Kontti XL is large knapsack made of wool felt. Solid, stylish and easy to maintain backpack for wandering around. Inspiration for the design, by Jonas Hakaniemi, comes from Finnish tradition of making knapsacks out of birch bark.

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This clever knapsack made of 100 % wool felt has solid shoulder straps made of vegetable tanned leather. Inside is a small pocket.

“Kontti” is a series of bags designed by Jonas Hakaniemi. Its inspiration comes from old knapsack, made of birch bark, that was used by finns in the past. “Kontti” series has four sizes, from small evening bag to big backpack.

Wool felt is ideal material for bags. It keeps its contents in a soft hug thus preventing dens and scratches. Wool is water and dirt repellent by nature: it self-cleanses. Felt is breathable on your back and stays looking stylish for a long time.

Colours: black, red, grey, blue and green

Size: 43 cm x 32 cm x 7,5 cm

Material: felt from 100 % wool, vegetable tanned leather, metallic buckles and rivets

Care: if the bag is wet after use, dry in a lukewarm place. Surface can be brushed, usually wool is self-cleaning so most stains come of after a while. This is caused by wool fibres swelling unevenly in the changes of moisture in the surrounding atmosphere. Any longer storage should take place in the dark, sunlight causes materials to fade and become brittle. Please note that there is no permanent moth protection on the product when storing.