Insoles for kids


With felt insoles you can improve the feel and properties of your shoes. Felt insoles even out moisture in your shoes and prevent odours.

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Insoles make great impact to the feel of your shoes. Felt takes shape from your feet, evens moisture, dampens shocks and helps keeping your feet warm on cold weather. Insoles are of just wool, nothing else. Wool has excellent self cleaning and odour preventing properties. Felt insoles are durable, they can easily last as long as your shoes. Wool is 100 % biodegradeable.

Colour: natural grey

Sizes: 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32 (chart), insoles can be cut to fit with heavy scissors

To be used as: insoles, on top of existing ones or as an replacement

Materials: 100 % wool felt

Care: Surface can be brushed, usually wool is self-cleaning so most stains come of after a while. This is caused by wool fibres swelling unevenly in the changes of moisture in the surrounding atmosphere. If needed, can be washed like any woolen textile.