Sauna hat


Finnish sauna hat made of 100% wool. Protects hair and brains from the heat of the sauna thus preventing headache afterwards. Why not wear an extra layer of insulation on your head in the heat of the sauna, it is the most precious part of Your body and has the weakest insulation – and sits at the hottest place while enjoying your time in the steam. One roomy size.

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Handmade Finnish woolen sauna hat. Put it on your head when going into the sauna. It helps protect your hair and head from excess heat, thus helping to prevent headaches. You might enjoy the hat when going for a wintry dip as well, whether in an outdoor pool or an icy lake.

Colours: natural white and natural grey, lime green, charcoal grey, red, pink, orange, petrol blue, brown

Sizes: one large size

To be used as: part of sauna experience, in an outdoor pool, ice swimming

Materials: 100 % wool

Care: Let your hat air dry thoroughly after use. It can also be brushed lightly after it is dry. If necessary, you can wash the hat with mild detergent in lukewarm water. After soaking the hat, it should be re-shaped over a dome-shaped object, such as a kitchen bowl.