Felt slippers for kids


Felt slippers for kids have special last for small feet. 100 % wool felt is natural and durable material for indoor shoes. Easy to kick on.

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Lahtiset felt slippers for kids, with rubber sole. These comfortable, lightweight and warm slippers are handmade in Finland. Material is wool with high quality rubber sole, which makes these slippers very versatile. These slippers are perfect choice for house shoes, day care and whenever you want to give your feet some rest. Wool has excellent self cleaning and odour preventing properties. Warm on cold weather but breathable enough to be just right on hot weather. Feels great on bare skin.

Colours: lime green, pink and petrol blue

Sizes: 23 – 33 (chart)

To be used as: indoor shoes, outdoors on a dry weather

Materials: 100 % wool felt from Finland, high quality rubber sole from Germany

Care: after use dry in a lukewarm place. Surface can be brushed, usually wool is self-cleaning so most stains come of after a while. This is caused by wool fibres swelling unevenly in the changes of moisture in the surrounding atmosphere.