Felt socks


Felt socks are soft liners for large boots, especially rubber boots. They greatly improve wearability and insulation. Felt socks might also be worn as soft indoor shoes.

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Felt socks are soft liners for rubber boots, hiking boots or any other shoes with enought space. They will take shape according to ones foot and shoe. They greatly imrove the feel and insulation of your boots. You can wear felt socks on your bare feet, they will replace socks and insoles. Easy to pull out from boots after use to let the felt socks vent. Felt socks make great indoor shoes in a tent or sleeping bag. Material 100 % wool, which insulates even when damp. Wool is great in preventing odours and it is biodegradeable.

Felt socks have been in our product range for around 100 years.

Felt socks are shipped flat. When you start using them, you can force them into your shoes and they will take shape after a while. You may also soak them in warm water and form on your feet, then air dry thoroughly before use. A pair of flat felt socks is easy to pack when travelling.

Colours: natural grey

Sizes: 36 – 47 (chart)

To be used as: liners inside boots or soft indoor shoes

Materials: 100 % wool felt, produced at our factory in Jämsä starting from a wool blend.

Care: after use dry in a lukewarm place. Surface can be brushed, usually wool is self-cleaning so most stains come of after a while. This is caused by wool fibres swelling unevenly in the changes of moisture in the surrounding atmosphere. Usually air drying is sufficient for cleaning your felt socks, but gentle washing in lukewarm water is also possible.