Felt piece 3 mm


You can cut and make the products or parts of the wool felt you want. The felt made of natural wool is a durable and easy to work material. It can be combined with many materials by sewing and gluing.

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We provide felt for various purposes. Here you can find 3 mm felt, dense enough to be used as a material without further treatment. Felt is easy to cut and form and it’s edges won’t tear. Wool felt is fire retardant and it helps dampen noises.

Wool felt is material held together by friction between fibres. When making felt there is no spinning or weaving involved, or any kind of melting of fibres. There is no glue or any other bonding agent in felt, instead the wool fibres are milled warm and wet causing the wool fibres to stick. Man has made felt for thousands of years, it is one of the oldest fabrics known to mankind. After use the very softest felts can be recycled to make new felt, but most qualities are so dense it is better to re-use them otherwise. Wool felt decomposes easily and returns to natures cycles.

Colours: natural white, lime gree, apple green, yellow, steel grey, red, blue, navy blue

Size: approximately 50 x 180 cm, for different sizes please contact customer service

Usage: felt can be used as is or combined with other materials

Material: 100 % wool felt, thickness ~3 mm, density ~0,25 g/cm³, one sqm is about 750 g.

Care: wool felt is naturally water and dirt repellent. Wipe any stains immediately, if possible. Vacuum cleaning, brushing and airing are good ways to refresh felt. If washed, the surface of the felt will become uneven and the shape of the felt piece might change. Due to the structure of the felt, it always comes off small amounts of wool fibers, especially from the cutting edge.